Two high school football coaches, James Becker and Brian Sommers, developed and patented On the Dot® tackling pants to teach  players of all ages a safe, effective method of tackling. This learning tool was inspired by rugby-style tackling, a method which players emphasize use of their shoulders, not their heads, to take down opponents. On the Dot® provides an excellent way to help players learn to tackle in a safe and effective manner.

See our links below to hear how rugby style tackling benefits the game and find ways On the Dot® can help aid your team in making the game safer no matter how you are teaching the fundamentals of tackling.


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On The Dot® tackling pants is a revolutionary training tool designed to promote safety and improve tackling technique. Incorporating the On The Dot® tackling pants into practice creates a consistent and static tackling landmark while improving overall body posture. This will result in a safe and quality tackle that reduces the risk of traumatic head injury and potential concussions. KEEP THE HEAD OUT OF THE GAME! ORDER YOURS TODAY BY CONTACTING US AT THE EMAIL'S BELOW FOR UNDER $20 A PAIR!!

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Another tremendous opportunity for On The Dot with an advertising campaign on  Please check out the Coaches Corner portion of the site for an unique opportunity to learn from coaches from a crosssection of sports for a multitude of ways to improve your program.  The link is included below.

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By providing players with a well-defined target with On the Dot® tackling pants, you will have the ability to keep players’ heads out of the game while also providing a tool for your players as they perform a variety of blocks on the offensive side of the game.  The pants offer a static target for players to practice their technique, so they can effectively perform and learn at the same time.

For those that use Heads Up and USA Football techniques, the strike zone principal still applies as the area permissible by rule to tackle a ball carrier shrinks.  By tracking the Dot your athletes will have a greater understanding of pad level and how attacking low will keep them safe.

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Special Thanks to "Big Time" Mike McGivern and 105.7 FM the Fan for having us on to talk safe tackling.  Great time, and an even better voice for high school sports through out our state! Check out the link below for our interview and endorsement from WFCA Executive Director Dan Brunner, "This is just outstanding and we're behind it."

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Implementing On the Dot® pants in practice will aide in variety of ways.  It can be used effectively in both drill work and in team sessions and can be a constant point of emphasis for any tackling or blocking situation.  Also see below for a customized target on a pair.

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